Lake Mývatn Highlights and Hidden Gem’s

Explore the Amazing Lake Mývatn area with a Local Expert guide

Lake Mývatn Highlights and Hidden Gem’s

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Dimmuborgir Lava Fields - Hverir Mud pools - Höfði penensula - Lake Mývatn - Grjótagjá Rift - Pseudocraters - Hidden Local Gem's

Guided Tour of Lake Mývatn area

Strange formation of lava, cold fresh water springs, boiling pools of mud and steaming volcanic ground. This makes the Mývatn area a destination like no other. Lake Mývatn has a rich local culture as the area has been settled from the era of the Vikings. Our Mývatn tour helps you to discover the magic of the area and takes you to the most popular sights along with hidden local gem’s

Lake Mývatn area is, therefore, one of the Highlights of North Iceland.

The tour is tailor-made to your group but destinations will include: Dimmuborgir lava fields, Grjótagjá Cave, Höfði peninsula, Hverir boiling mud pools, Krafla Volcanic area, Lake Mývatn viewpoints, Lúdentarborgir crater rows and more..

We can supply service for both individuals and Groups, Super Jeeps or minibus depending on your wishes.

An optional visit to the Mývatn nature baths at the end of the tour.

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Our goal is to give travellers a memorable, enjoyable and educational tour, while ensuring that our groups minimise their impact on the delicate Icelandic natural environment.

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