Local People with a passion for traveling

Geo Travel was founded by local rangers. Our aim is to travel in a sustainable way, educate, learn and experience some thing new every day

About Us

Here is a little something about us:

Geo Travel is a small family run adventure tour operator in the Mývatn area in the north of Iceland.

Geo Travel offers super-Jeep tours, Snowmobiling tours, private and tailor made tours and day tours, hiking and snow shoe tours in the North and east parts of Iceland.

We focus on small groups so we can offer personal service and give our guests the flexibility to stop wherever they want on the way to take photos and enjoy the landscape.

Geo Travel was founded by local park rangers who have worked for Vatnajökull national park in Askja and Herðubreiðarlindir and for the Environment Agency of Iceland in Mývatn, Today Geo Travel is run by two local families

The company follows an ecological and sustainable policy.   Our tours have minimal impact on the environment and comunity; therefore those who come after us will also see the untouched wilderness. The goal of our tours is to give our guests a unique experience and at the same time to have a positive impact on the local community and also to support nature conservation work in the area.

Geo Travel is a Carbon offset company.    “The Geo Travel Forest”

Geo Travel has a contract with Local landowners in the farm Grímsstaðir on they’re land there is a project of re-vegetation. Each year we calculate how much CO2 our operation emits to re reimburse we seed out gras into the barren landscape, fertilize and plant Icelandic birch and rowan trees.  We take into the calculation that we are planting around 300m above sea level so our trees grow slowly, therefore we must plant about 150% more than those who plant by the sea. The reason why we have picked this location is that we find it important to rather re grow areas with no vegitation than plant our treas in vegitated areas. The program is sanctioned by Soil Conservation Agency of Iceland, they help us also with deciding the time to plant and amount of fertilizer.

Hopefully one day we can invite our guests to the “Geo Travel Forest” 2018 we planted 3000 birch and 500 rowan. And 2019 we aim to plant 3500 Birch. and 500 rowan.


Safe and Secure

Safety is the first priority of our company. To fulfill our safety standards our guides must be local people and very experienced jeep drivers and mountaineers.

Most of our guides are active members of the local search and rescue team and certified in wilderness first aid.  WFR.

If you want a personal tour with a small group of people guided by experienced local guides, you choose Geo Travel.


Our goal is to give travellers a memorable, enjoyable and educational tour, while ensuring that our groups minimise their impact on the delicate Icelandic natural environment.

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