Cross Country skiing By lake Mývatn

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Tailor made cross country skiing tours.

We offer you a broad variety of cross country skiing tours in the lake Mývatn Area, both for beginners and more advanced skiers.

Cross country skiing adventure can be a fantastic, add-on experience during your stay by lake Mývatn as we can head far of the beaten track into the untouched back country of the area.

Numerous areas are available depending on season, experience and weather:

– Krafla Lava fields

– Lake Mývatn

– Lúdent Crater and Dimmuborgir lava fields

– Mt Vindbelgur, frozen wetlands.

Cross country skiing is probably the most traditional way of transport during winter in North Iceland. For centuries cross country skiing was the best and easiest way for anyone to get where they needed to go.

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Our goal is to give travellers a memorable, enjoyable and educational tour, while ensuring that our groups minimise their impact on the delicate Icelandic natural environment.

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